Big Tree School of Natural Healing

Introduction to Meridian Massage

Whether you are new to holistic healing or a professional hands-on healer wondering about Meridian Massage, this is the perfect place to begin. In just three short lessons, Cindy opens the door to the healing potential of Meridian Massage.


Guide to Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang guide everything in Chinese Medicine. This class sets a firm foundation for your exploration of Meridian Massage.


Guide to the 12 Meridians

Characteristics and uses of the 12 Meridians, 22 key acupoints, and how to address common issues with acupoints.


Guide to the 5 Elements

The Elements of Nature mirror the 5 Elements within us. By learning the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine, you will be able to access your natural inner resources.


Level 1 Online Package

Jump into the foundations of Meridian Massage and save $200!


Guide to the Organ Systems

In Chinese medicine, Organ Systems are the crossroads of body, mind, emotion, and spirit. When you understand the Organ Systems, you can better assess and treat conditions using meridians and acupoints.