Guide to the Organ Systems

Guide to the Organ Systems

Exploring the physiology of Qi

Organ Systems are the center of the mysterious web of mind-body-emotion-spirit.

Guide to the Organ Systems is intended to give the practitioner a solid foundation in Chinese medical physiology. This is the key to understanding commonly seen symptoms and conditions from the energetic perspective.

Understanding Chinese physiology offers practitioners an invaluable tool for assessing and addressing conditions that elude modern western medicine. Knowing the specifics of each Organ System empowers the practitioner to make better choices about which acupoints to use in order to return the system to balance, flow, and health.

Guide to the Organ Systems at a glance

Course Level:  2 Intermediate
Completion of all Level 1 courses is recommended (but not required) before enrolling.

Average time to complete - 6 weeks
Requirements to enroll - none, open to everyone
CEUs - 18 for Massage Therapists

Course content

  1. Characteristics and qualities of the 12 Organ Systems
  2. Body - Mind - Emotion - Spirit qualities of each Organ System
  3. The 4 Vital Substances: Spirit, Blood, Qi, Essence
  4. How the 4 Vital Substances are processed by each Organ System
  5. How to observe and evaluate the relative health of each Organ System

What you will learn

Energetic physiology

  • How each Organ plays a role in gathering and transforming Qi (energy)
  • Understand commonly seen physical symptoms from the energetic perspective
  • Get to the root of conditions that elude western diagnostics
  • Make better choices about which acupoints to use in order to return the system to balance, flow, and health.

4 Vital Substances

  1. Shen - Spirit: Human consciousness pervades every cell of our body. Chinese medicine has understood the primary role of Spirit in health for thousands of years.
  2. Qi - Energy: Flowing through the 12 meridians, Qi enlivens the body-mind.
  3. Xue - Blood: The nourishing fluid that anchors Qi and stabilizes the mind.
  4. Jing - Essence: Similar DNA, Essence holds the Life Force, the "code" of all that we are as a physical manifestation.

Assessing Organ Systems 

  • Understand the signs of Organ-specific patterns of imbalance
  • Learn the progression of imbalance through the Organs
  • How to evaluate the Organs using simple questions and observation
  • How to harmonize the Organs in order to balance the body-mind-emotions-spirit 

What's included?

43 Videos
7 Quizzes
1 Survey
39 Texts
16 PDFs

Sink into the depths of Chinese medicine, expand your skills, improve your health

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Cindy Black, L.Ac.,LMT
Cindy Black, L.Ac.,LMT

About the Instructor

As both a Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist, I have been weaving the theory of Chinese Medicine and western massage therapy into the Meridian Massage Approach.  Meridian Massage is a holistic, hands-on approach that anyone can use to support the health of themselves or others.

I am the founder of the Big Tree School of Natural Healing and the author of Meridian Massage, Opening Pathways to Vitality. I appreciate the opportunity to share the wisdom of Chinese medicine with you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a deadline to complete the class?

Each class is self-paced and you have access to all content 24 hours a day. Work at your own pace, finish whenever the time is right for you.

Can I review the material even after I complete the class?

You will have on-going access to your student account and all course material after completion.  You can even download content to your own computer.

Can I get Massage Therapy CEUs?

Big Tree is approved by the New York and Florida Boards of Massage Therapy, and by the National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork  (NCBTMB)

Can I take this course if I am not a Massage Therapist?

All online courses at Big Tree are open to anyone interested in learning.

Will I get a certificate of completion?

After you complete the course and pass the final exam, your certificate will be ready for you in your student account. You can download and print it out at any time.

Do you have written notes for the course?

You can download and print a complete set of notes to assist your learning process

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