How to feel energy

Skillfully work with acupressure points

Getting results with Meridian Massage depends on your ability to feel with Qi. Building a relationship Qi takes time and experience. This course provides you with a series of practices that culminate in a personal understanding of Qi that goes beyond words and theory. This is a Level 4 course.

What you will learn

This is an experiential course that enhances your ability to feel Qi in yourself and others.

  • A daily routine of gentle movement that opens the flow of Qi throughout your body

  • A beginning Qi Gong posture that fosters Qi flow

  • How to work with your Qi from this beginning Qi Gong posture

  • How to sense Qi in acupressure points in others

  • What energetic balance feels like for your body-mind-spirit

  • How to support your health by ensuring the flow of Qi throughout your meridian system

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Week 1

    • Welcome to Sensing Qi

    • [Intention] Notice what feels different this week.

    • [Video] Opening the Joints

    • [Instruction] Standing 101

    • [Video] WuJi 1 – Standing 101

    • [Inspiration] We are sensing Qi, not thinking Qi.

    • Review 1: From Nothing to Something (From WuJi to Manifestation) & What is Qi?

  • 2

    Week 2

    • [Intention] Attend to your breath, while you are working with others this week.

    • [Inspiration] Always begin with a beginner’s mind.

    • [Instruction] Getting comfortable with WuJi standing.

    • [Video] WuJi 2 – Getting comfortable with standing.

  • 3

    Week 3

    • [Intention] Use as little muscular effort as possible, while working this week.

    • [Inspiration] None of these practices should cause you any pain.

    • [Instruction] Feeling your lower Dan Tian.

    • [Video] WuJi 3 – Feeling the Lower Dan Tian

    • [Video] Focus on your original nature.

  • 4

    Week 4

    • Getting to Simple takes time - Inspiration to stay with the practices

    • [Intention] Keep connecting to your lower Dan Tian as you work this week.

    • [Inspiration] It takes effort to become effortless.

    • [Video] Different Movement Practices

    • [Instruction] Adding KD 1 to your WuJi standing.

    • [Video] WuJi 4 – Add in Kidney 1

    • Review 2: Checking in about Breath and Focus

  • 5

    Week 5

    • [Intention] Feel your connection between KD 1 and your lower Dan Tian.

    • [Inspiration] Curiosity is a great approach to sensing Qi.

    • [Instruction] Adding the hands to your WuJi stance.

    • [Video] WuJi 5 – Add in the hands

  • 6

    Week 6

    • [Intention] Feel your client’s Dan Tian while you work this week.

    • [Inspiration] Feeling into your diaphragm in order to feel into your lower Dan Tian.

    • [Video] Feeling into your diaphragm.

    • [Instruction] Add P 8 to your WuJi stance.

    • [Video] WuJi 6- Add in Pericardium 8

    • Review Quiz 1

    • Review 3: Principles of working with Qi, Case Study Reviews

  • 7

    Week 7

    • [Intention] As you make contact with clients this week, feel from your P 8.

    • [Inspiration] Where is the finish line?

    • [Instruction] Circulating Qi from your WuJi stance.

    • [Video] WuJi 7- Circulating the Qi.

  • 8

    Week 8

    • [Intention] While you work this week, ask yourself to sense your client’s Qi.

    • [Inspiration] Trusting your experience.

    • [Video] WuJi Stance Progression.

    • WuJi Stance Progression

    • Review Quiz 2

    • Review 4: Staying with the process of Sensing Qi

  • 9

    Week 9

    • [Intention] Play with different levels of pressure while holding the 4 gates on your clients.

    • [Video] The Four Gates: Part 1

    • [Video] The Four Gates: Part 2

    • [Instruction] Developing a relationship with acupoints.

  • 10

    Week 10

    • [Intention] Contact more points on your clients.

    • [Video] Contact a few points on your clients.

    • [Instruction] Hands-on work is easier with the assistance of Qi.

    • Acupoints Summary Review

    • Review 5: Honoring your pace, the 4 gates, Q&A

  • 11

    Week 11

    • [Intention] Contact a few meridians on your clients.

    • [Inspiration] The form and the formless.

    • [Video] Work on a few meridians on your clients.

    • Review Quiz 3

  • 12

    Week 12

    • [Intention] Follow the flow of your intuition as you work this week.

    • [Inspiration] Notice how you feel different working this week.

    • Review 6: Finishing well, thoughts on Qi as medicine

  • 13

    Course Integration and Q&A

    • Sensing Qi - Full Summary Compilation

  • 14

    Final Exam

    • Final Exam

  • 15

    Course Survey

    • Course Survey



Your tuition includes immediate access to the entire course, the ability to download and keep all of the content, and email support for any questions you may have along the way.
(Online Certification Students also have 24-hour access to the Student Forum for posting questions, and Mastermind Meetings for deeper discussions regarding all aspects of the theory and practice.)

Student Experiences

5 star rating


Judi Giusti

I really enjoyed this part of the course. It made me become more aware of where my body is in space and in relation to my client. Focus was made more apparent.

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I really enjoyed this part of the course. It made me become more aware of where my body is in space and in relation to my client. Focus was made more apparent.

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5 star rating

lower dan tien flamholz

awesome! so incredibly helpful!!!! life lessons for sure!

awesome! so incredibly helpful!!!! life lessons for sure!

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  • Is the whole course online?

    Yes. Video instruction, written inspiration, and guidance is provided each week.

  • How long does the course take?

    It is intended to be a three-month course. Each week you practice a set of exercises, building your skill over time. You are welcome to go more quickly or more slowly.

  • Do I have to be a Massage Therapist to enroll in Sensing Qi?

    No - anyone interested in increasing their experience of Qi is welcome to enroll.

  • I am a Massage Therapist - can I get CEUs?

    Yes! This course is approved for 10 CEUs for Massage Therapists by NCBTMB, New York Board of Massage Therapy, Florida Board of Massage Therapy, and the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba.

Meet Your Instructor


Cindy Black, L.Ac.,LMT

As both a Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist, I have been weaving the theory of Chinese Medicine and western massage therapy into the Meridian Massage Approach.  Meridian Massage is a holistic, hands-on approach that anyone can use to support the health of themselves or others.I am the founder of the Big Tree School of Natural Healing and the author of Meridian Massage, Opening Pathways to Vitality. I appreciate the opportunity to share the wisdom of Chinese medicine with you.