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Information on this website is provided for informational purposes only. Any information contained in the courses is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional. You should not use the information on this website or within any courses for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication or other treatment. You should always speak with your healthcare provider before taking any medication, supplements, or herbs; and before adopting any treatment for a health problem. 


Big Tree School of Natural Healing is committed to providing all students courses with a positive experience. 


The Meridian Massage Approach: Online Certification program (and all courses) is designed to enhance personal or professional practices. It is in no way a licensing program, nor does it grant the student the right to practice massage therapy. Please consult your local massage therapy board for your specific state requirements. 

I hold harmless Black & Butje, INC and any Big Tree School of Natural Healing instructors for any adverse effects I may experience related to or seemingly related to, the use of any products, supplies, instructions, information, or suggestions offered in the course. 


All Online Courses and In-Person Workshops - 

The tuition is fully non-refundable. Tuition payments are accepted via either PayPal or credit card, and all payment plans can only be paid by credit card. A certificate is granted only to students who complete the full payment, all coursework and pass the final examination. 

All prices for the program are printed herein. There are no additional charges or interest charges connected with any of these programs, (with the exception of the tuition payment plan, which does incur a finance fee that is listed). Contracts are not sold to a third party at any time. 


It is the student's responsibility to download the course files to their own device(s) in order to have "unlimited access." 

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If you sign up for one of our free trainings, your name and email address may be passed along to our webinar software platform so that you will be able to access the training that you’ve signed up for. You will receive reminders for the training, replay emails and some special offer emails that relate to the training - you can opt out of these emails at any time.

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If you purchase an online course from Big Tree School of Natural Healing, we will only use your payment data in a secure fashion and will not share any of your payment details with third parties.

Students of Big Tree School of Natural Healing have forever access to their online courses; therefore, Big Tree School of Natural Healing will keep their login details safe and secure unless they choose to delete their account and all information within. All other contacts will remain active in our database as long as you are receiving our email correspondence.

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By enrolling in any Big Tree School of Natural Healing course or bundle, I agree to be bound by the aforesaid Enrollment Agreement. I understand that any violation of said Enrollment Agreement may, at the discretion of the owners of Black & Butje, INC., result in my termination from the program without refund of tuition, and will hold harmless Black & Butje, INC.